Mr. Hari Bhujel

Respected TAAN members and friends,

I am highly privileged and very grateful to you all who trusted me to be the President of TREKKING AGENCIES ASSOCIATION OF NEPAL (TAAN) WESTERN REGIONAL ASSOCIATION for the year 2018/20. My gratitude goes to all the participants and supporters who contributed their valuable votes and time in many different aspects for a better leadership selection. Under TAAN’s collective and visionary leadership, we have been able to achieve our future mission and objectives. This will greatly enhance the positive outcomes in our organizational activities.
My personal commitment is to strengthen TAAN’s network of Trekking Companies under its rule and regulation. This strength will begin with the establishment of a strong foundation of transparent and accountable operational processes. Upon this foundation we build a strong organization through further capacity building programs for all members, accessing and utilization of supportive resources and coordination of all stakeholders. At the same time we will strengthen our cordial relation with Government Agencies as well as tourism related organizations too. Our top responsibility is to development of a sustainable and responsible trekking and tourism industry in Nepal.
Major objectives of my team is to development of sustainable and eco-tourism, tourism and sanitation, agro-tourism, responsible tourism, Adventure tourism, Sports tourism, creating environmental and ecological aspect about the global warming and protecting local environment as it is, new and alternative route promotion, maintain the route which is already there and establishing signposting and hoarding board in existing route and trails,  promote village tourism through home stay, organize capacity building training to empowerment of guide and supporters. Focusing on quality services to the clients and building relations with government and donors agencies, I look forward to seeing these objectives become realities.
 Tourism industry is a global business of Hospitality Management, our thoughts and deeds directly affects the people around the world. That is why we should always act respectfully and  genuinely to provide quality services to the tourists. In this regards, I personally request to the members of TAAN to follow the code of conducts adopted by the organization thus enhancing trust and professional values in tourism industry.

Thank you!

Mr. Hari Bhujel
TAAN,Western Regional Association,Pokhara

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